Déjà vu! Geneva Public Transport System (TPG) Workers to Strike Again (update 5)

Update #5: After two days of negotiating, TPG unions and directives came to a “protocol of understanding” that prevented the strike announced for 4 December. “The important thing is that there won’t be any layoffs,” said Valérie Solano, SEV Director. GENEVA, Switzerland – The TPG workers’ labour dispute with the Geneva State Council continues to escalate, after…

The Ugly Reaction to the TPG Strike: Francophobia and Temporary Amnesia

Read here about the second strike planned for 4 December.  GENEVA, Switzerland – Since the Geneva Transport Workers Union (SEV) voted in favor of going on strike, Francophobia – blaming French commuters – has reared its ugly head, helped along by a case of convenient temporary amnesia.