How a Polish mom can help keep Norwegian roads safe

Even strong, thick-skinned truck drivers have Moms! And they can help keep drivers safe — that’s the idea behind a safety campaign sponsored by the Norwegian Government targeting Polish truck drivers. I thought this witty video is a wonderful reminder of the power of moms. Happy Mother’s Day! Find us on Facebook where we post news from…

The circle of life, on two wheels

I have just come full circle in my motorcycle trajectory. Twenty-seven years ago I bought my first motorcycle in Nicaragua, a Kawasaki 500 enduro I can amazingly find no picture of (it was a disaster save for one memorable outing with a friend, thanks Susan). One year later in Texas I got my first real…

Vaud police to crackdown in A9 construction zone

GENEVA, Switzerland – If you are heading to Montreux pay close attention: Canton Vaud announced the installation of new speed radars as part of a safety initiative to reduce accidents and avoid deaths among road crews.

Buying New and Second-Hand Bicycles in Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Geneva might not be Amsterdam but there are plenty of person-powered two wheels to go around. Here is a recap of some of the favorite spots to buy new and second hand bikes.