New Year, New Vignette (Road Tax Decal) for Vehicles, Motorcycles in Switzerland

GENEVA, Switzerland – Driving on motorways in Switzerland requires a vignette also known as a road tax decal or toll sticker.

If your plans in 2015 include using a major highway at any point during the year, then, you are required to have one.

The motorway tax sticker can be purchased in post offices, supermarkets, petrol/gas stations, car/auto repair shops (garages), TCS outlets and road traffic authorities (points of international crossing).

The 2015 highway sticker costs CHF40 or EUR33 and it is valid until 31 January 2016.

The 2015 decal is obligatory for all motor vehicles as of 1 February 2015 (provided that until then, you have a 2014 decal).

As of 5 January, it can also be purchased online from the Swiss post office.

Make sure your vignette is visible and permanently fixed over your windshield.

Find out more information here, Swiss Customs Administration – Motorway tax sticker – other important information.

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