Happiest countries also safest countries? Switzerland leads the list

Study also shows gender gap in life enjoyment GENEVA – Switzerland has once again ranked as the Happiest Country in the World by the World Happiness Report, which assesses the well-being and happiness of countries’ residents – with happiness considered as a “proper measure of social progress.”

Download, view over 300,000 Aerial Images of Switzerland

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss Federal Office of Topography, Swisstopo, has launched a new map and photo viewer called Lubis (aerial images information system in German) which allows viewing and researching more than 300,000 photos and aerial images at full resolution, from 1920 to date.

Turn your headlights on, it’s the new Swiss law

GENEVA, Switzerland – The Swiss Council for Accidents Prevention or Bureau de prévention des accidents, has mandated that as of 1 January 2014 all cars in Switzerland must drive with their headlights on during the day.