Where to Watch the World Cup around Lake Geneva

GENEVA – You know you live in Switzerland when…. you are warned of noise-after-World Cup-games, and invited to keep a certain game decorum.

The Geneva tenants’ rights advocate group Asloca, penned an article on the right way to support your favorite squad.

It mainly calls on tenants to be tolerant of one another during this temporary state of mind. Namely,

  1. No watching games on your balcony
  2. Keep it down after 22:00
  3. Flags hanging over balconies, ok; but don’t let it hang over your downstairs neighbor’s balcony or window.

World Cup fever is also making Swiss police a bit more flexible.

In canton Vaud for example, police are giving one hour grace period for caravans and honking, to allow fans to express ‘joy or disappointment’ after a game.

[Ed note: If this is your first World Cup in Geneva, find below a list of popular places to watch the matches. If you’d rather look for a bar to watch them, well, that is not as simple as asking the bartender to change the channel. Swiss law requires public establishments to purchase a rather expensive license if they are to broadcast the matches. A popular one in Geneva? Pickwick’s of course!]

Fifa World Cup 2018 public viewing around Lake Geneva

Canton Geneva

Canton Vaud

Neighboring France


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