Buying New and Second-Hand Bicycles in Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Geneva might not be Amsterdam but there are plenty of person-powered two wheels to go around. Here is a recap of some of the favorite spots to buy new and second hand bikes.


  • Genève Roule, when purchasing a bike from this organization you’ll be helping a non-profit that promotes biking in the canton and provides work for asylum/refugee seekers and the long-term unemployed
  • Fourrière Vélos du canton, the city of Geneva sells rebuilt and second hand bikes tested and ready to go; open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Pavillon Cayla, this ultra-cool project has been developed by the city in what is left of an old manor that had been scheduled to be torn down. Instead, the building now hosts a club open to all. Head there to fix your bike  bike or purchase one from the many amateur bike aficionados that use the pavillon. CHF10 francs a year make you a member — and you get to grill while fixing your two wheels. Pavillon Cayla also hosts free fix-your-own-bike workshops
  • Peclot 13, is a non-profit engaged in recycling bike components and promoting biking. The shop sells second-hand bikes at prices similar to some stores but the money goes back to the local cooperative. There are three stores and ateliers in Geneva: Grottes, Plainpalais and Jonction
  • ProVelo which advocates on behalf of bicycle riders in Geneva, hosts several bike exchange events a year. Drop off your two-wheel beauty between 10:00 and 11:30 and pick up your cash by 14:00. ProVelo also hosts free fix-your-own-bike workshops
  • Velosophe in Chambésy, helps you tailor your own bike. Join this cool project or simply buy an affordable customized bicycle
  • Flea markets are prime market for second hand bikes from private and professional sellers. Find upcoming flea markets in my constantly-updated list clicking on the link above. Otherwise, head to Plainpalais Plaza on Wednesdays and Saturdays where there are plenty of bikes for sale (not always cheap or affordable)

Private businesses

  • Ashkan Sports in Champel sells bikes and other sports equipment
  • Bike Passion in Plainpalais sells all kinds of new bikes and e-bikes
  • Bike Store and repair shop also in Plainpalais sells new and used bikes and e-bikes
  • Bikes 2 Fold, specializes in foldable bikes and triporteurs (cargo bikes)
  • Bike Switzerland organizes tours, loans bikes and upkeeps high-end cycles
  • Bos Bikes, in St Jean/Charmilles sells high-end and classic spec mountain bikes
  • Cycles P. Garufi in St Jean/Charmilles sells new and second hand bikes at reasonable prices
  • Cycle Performance in Carouge sells medium to high-end adult and kids bikes
  • Daniel Girard in St Jean/Charmilles sells high-end new and second hand bikes
  • E-bike Center near the airport specializes in new, expensive electric bikes
  • Eco-Ride in Jonction specializes in green? e-bikes
  • Hotpoint Cycling in Paquis sells expensive new bikes
  • Hors Piste in Plainpalais for the past 30 years, sells medium to high-end bikes
  • Jean Brun et fils in Plainpalais is well known for high-end city and road bike$
  • JSanch located on and off in Jonction and Cornavin sells high-end customized bicycles and parts
  • M-Bikes in Paquis is a Swiss high-end bike retailer
  • Sold Sports in Carouge and Montbrillant have a great selection of new and second hand bikes and bike parts. The Montbrillant store also offers repair services
  • Tri Bike in Grand Lancy sells new bikes
  • Velo Land in Acacias/Carouge sells high end expensive bikes
  • Viscacha Bike near St Gervais specializes in repairs and sells new and a few second hand Italian bikes

Online classifieds

  • Anibis (Swiss classifieds in French and German)
  • Glocals (social networking site)
  • (sells new bikes and bike parts on line only)
  • Ricardo (Swiss version of Ebay, requires registration)

Photo of lovely old Swiss bike found at a bike fair.

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