Download, view over 300,000 Aerial Images of Switzerland

BERN, SWITZERLAND The Swiss Federal Office of Topography, Swisstopo, has launched a new map and photo viewer called Lubis (aerial images information system in German) which allows viewing and researching more than 300,000 photos and aerial images at full resolution, from 1920 to date.

SwissTopo Map

Each image is accompanied by a technical file containing information such as flight date, image type and preview.

Developed on the basis of the geoportal, the new viewer is also accessible from mobile devices.

The interactive map also serves to zero-in specific plots of land, population data, buildings, hiking trails, peaks and valleys and other Swiss statistics.

Swisstopo also digitizes your black-and-white and colour films, negatives or slides (diapositives), in individual frames or on the roll, using a precise photogrammetric scanner. Contact them for more information and contribute to the ever-growing image database.

See the interactive map here.

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