Geneva Auto Show million dollar baby

GENEVA, Switzerland – Got a cool million dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Zenvo Automotive has just the cure for your (pre) summertime blues.

Bike Ride Along the Rhone

GENEVA – “Blue skies, nothin’ but blue skies, smilin’ on me…” Roll or slide through the sunshine?

Renault: from 8 Gordini to Electric Twingo in Geneva

PARIS, France – As a vintage car lover and avid fan of rear-wheel tractor drive beasts in general, I went deaf when my wife  suggested I check out the new electric Twingo, Renault will be introducing at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Really? In a brilliant marketing move, she and millions of other viewers no doubt,…

Some Minicars Test Poor in US, not so in Europe

GENEVA, Switzerland – Minicars, or superminis as they are often called in Europe are one of the most popular vehicles in small cities in Europe. Nevertheless, six minicars tested by the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, have earned “poor” ratings in the overlap front crash test; not so in Europe. What gives?

Turn your headlights on, it’s the new Swiss law

GENEVA, Switzerland – The Swiss Council for Accidents Prevention or Bureau de prévention des accidents, has mandated that as of 1 January 2014 all cars in Switzerland must drive with their headlights on during the day.