Fix your bike for free; shop for cheap kids clothing in Geneva

TROINEX, GENEVA – ‘Tis the season when the trocs begin. Troinex hosts a bike sale and a free fix-it-yourself bike workshop in addition to a second-hand kids clothing sale on Saturday 15 March.

The bike workshop and sale take place from 9:00-12:00 in front of the Salle Communale de Troinex (rte de Moillebin). 

The Atelier de réparations vélos is courtesy of the BMX club of Troinex and city hall. For more information contact:

While the bike sale and atelier takes place outside the community center, inside takes place the second-hand children’s clothing sale.

Troc de Troinex

If you are new to Geneva, this is a great way to buy items still in good condition including clothing, DVDs, sports items and other kids paraphernalia, such as toys.

The kids sale takes place 9:00-13:00 at the same location that the bike sale, map below.

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