Annual neighborhood flea market at La Coulouvreniere

Learn this word: chiner or browsing through flea markets
Learn this word: chiner, it means browsing through things in flea markets and brocantes

GENEVA, Switzerland – Geneva’s flea market madness is officially on with the opening today of La Coulouvreniere’s yearly neighborhood fair.

For those of you new to Geneva, these fairs make part of the La ville est-a-vous, an initiative that seeks to “give the streets back to the people” and which take place from May to October in the city.

The fairs can be described as giant flea markets and food fairs with plenty of games and activities for kids and concerts lasting two days.

The 2014 edition will feature 12 neighborhood markets in 24 days.

This year the Champel and Coulouvreniere fairs are back.

If you have never visited but love browsing non-professional flea markets, then think of visiting Saint-Jean, Paquis and Eaux-Vives.

(Champel is a win or lose. Once I found almost-new designer’s frocks for CHF2 a piece, so you never know!)

Vintage Louis Vuitton spotted at the Ville-est-a-vous in Geneva
Vintage Louis Vuitton spotted at the Ville-est-a-vous in Geneva

If you want to sell, these are the rules: show up a bit before 8:00 with second-hand and a few new items (can’t sell exclusively new items), set up your stall and voilà!

Those interested in setting a  free food stall must contact each of the organizers and attend a 2-hour health course.

This weekend 3-4 May at Coulouvrenière, meet the French entrepreneur who loves cowboys and Texas and has set up a mechanical horse riding machine at the fair, the Rodeo Texas.

Other dates for your calendar:

See ya at the fair!

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