Tonight: Grupo Niche, Colombian Salsa in Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Visiting the flea market today I found out that Colombia’s ultimate salsa orchestra, Grupo Niche is performing at Palladium in Geneva on 3 May at 23:00.

Grupo Niche posterPoorly publicized? Yes, but if you find yourself looking for something to do on this windy night head to Palladium at the Jonction and dance the night away with one of the most representative Latin American salsa groups of all times.

Grupo Niche recently lost its leader, Jairo Varela, and will be performing in homage to the grand maestro de la salsa.

I wish I was in Geneva to dance “del puente para allá es Juanchito, del puente para acá está Cali” so if you are of the lucky ones to warm this cold spring eve with salsa, then dance one for me!

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