Geneva’s Night of the Museums, Costumed Edition

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Once a year museums in Geneva welcome adults and children to visit permanent and temporary exhibitions and enjoy artistic performances until the small hours… while dressed in costume. 

CHF10 gets you in all of the 33 participating “Super Museums” which this year are welcoming “Superheroes”, the special TPG navettes (water buses) and the after party.

Dress as your favorite super gal, superbug or anti-hero and head alone or in famiglia  for a night at the museum or a Sunday full of activities.

Here’s where to go:

  1. Public Library of Geneva
  2. Graphic Arts Museum
  3. Saint-Peter Cathedral, archeological site
  4. Geneva Contemporary Art Center
  5. Geneva Centre for Photography
  6. University of Geneva Molding Collection
  7. Botanical Gardens and Conservatory
  8. Credit Suisse
  9. Fondation Baur, Museum of Far Eastern Art
  10. Fondation Martin Bodmer
  11. Contemporary Art Fund of the City of Geneva (FMAC)
  12. Projet Klat
  13. Rousseau Museum
  14. Maison Tavel
  15. Multimedia library, Contemporary Art Fund of the City of Geneva
  16. Ariana Museum
  17. Art and History Museum
  18. Mamco (Modern and Contemporary Art Museum)
  19. Museum of Carouge
  20. Museum of the History of Science
  21. International Museum of the Reformation (MiR)
  22. Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum
  23. Museum of the Order of Malta
  24. Rath Museum
  25. Museum of the Firefighters of the City of Geneva
  26. Museum of the League of Nations
  27. Museum of the Swiss Abroad
  28. Natural History Museum
  29. Patek Philippe Museum
  30. Quartier Libre SIG
  31. Cultural Heritage Museum
  32. University of Geneva
  33. The White Hours Museum

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