Geneva’s outdoor gyms: free to all

Post updated in 2016

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – If gym fees are too high, your gym closes much too early or heading indoors is just “not your thing”, consider working out at one of the outdoor gyms in Geneva.

Each of the so-called “adult playgrounds” boasts seven workout posts or exercise machines.

«Proxitraining» is the name of the city-sponsored urban fitness circuit designed to help you workout the upper and lower body and core through triceps extension and dips, reverse curls, sit-ups, press-ups and chest and leg presses.

Where are the outdoor gyms located?

The city has been steadily adding new outdoor gyms since 2013, for a total of eight so far.

If you’re new to town, click on each of the icons on the map for more info.

Geneva’s Right Bank (Rive Droite)

Geneva’s Left Bank (Rive Gauche) 

Download the Sport City Tour app to locate the outdoor fitness areas, see videos with suggested exercise routines and more. The app is available in English, French and German.

Happy workout!

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