What’s on: interactive games, Catalan human tower, urban golf, flea market and kids activities in Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – If you are not heading to one of the many outdoor pools, to the river or lake this long holiday weekend, then, here are a few suggestions for outdoor events:

  • On 8 June, Geneva joins eight other European cities hosting a Castell, or Catalan human tower. At the UN Plaza at noon.
  • 6-8 June, country fair/festival in Russin, Geneva. Kids activities, petting zoo, music and food all in the beautiful village of Russin
  • 7-8 June, Flea market, concerts, hip-hop party and kids activities at Secheron. Part of the neighborhood flea markets.
  • Interactive exhibit/games at the Plainpalais Plaza. Great for kids and adults, with over 200 games. Until 15 June.
  • Urban golf – Simply follow the map, play at your own pace, see the city, stop for a beer… and free! All you need is your ID. Until 28 September.

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