Micheline Calmy Rey, Japan Guests at Geneva’s Book Fair

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Geneva Book and Press Fair kicked off Wednesday 30 April with Japan as guest of honor.

Former Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs and President, Micheline Calmy-Rey, was one of the 800 writers featured during the five-day literary and media affair.

More than 5,500  titles are available at the Fair including the Japanese version of the famous Swiss novel “Heidi, Girl of the Alps,” which inspired the world-renowned TV cartoon series in the 80s.

Japanese food, literature and culture are at the forefront of the Fair which began 30 April and ends on 4 May.

In addition, enjoy the Arab  and African culture pavilions, the yoga and wellness area, photo exhibits, lectures, readings and more.

Free for those 26 and under, CHF5 for seniors and an affordable CHF12 for adults.

Photo, Geneva Book and Press Fair.

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