List of Christmas Markets around Lake Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Get in the holiday spirit with mulled wine, crafts fairs, Santa Claus and… Christmas markets. Here’s a non-exhaustive list with some of the most popular, or well-known Christmas markets and other celebrations around Lake Geneva

Some are very small fairs designed for artisans and food vendors, others are full-on village carnivals with mechanical rides and Santa visits.

Those highlighted in red are considered as some of the biggest or most festive.

Canton Geneva

the 45 Geneva communes

  • 24-26 Nov: Cologny (Take TPG bus A). The town offers a jazz concert, free parking and open stores on Sunday
  • 25 Nov: the Bernex Aigues-Vertes Christmas Market, canton Geneva
  • 29 Nov-3 Dec: Grand-Saconnex, traditional Swiss Christmas celebration.
  • 8-12 Dec: Carouge – plus ice rink and stores open on certain Sundays
  • 24 Nov-3 Dec: Grand-Saconnex Christmas candles market
  • 24-26 Nov: Cologny (Take TPG bus A). The town offers a jazz concert, free parking and open stores on Sunday
  • 2-3 Dec: Chêne-Bourg, a fun artisan market, food stalls, concerts and kids activities, with separate indoor and outdoor areas.

  • 21 November: Confignon Christmas markets
  • 22 November – 24 December: City of Geneva three small city markets, Mont-Blanc, Place de la Fusterie and Quai Général Guisan.
  • 26 November: Meinier Christmas Market.
  • 26 Nov: Vieux-Lully Christmas market in Bernex
  • 27-28 November: Confignon, artisan market and food vendors, Santa and other kids activities.
  • 28 November: Vandoeuvres Christmas Market.
  • 6 December: Cartigny Christmas Market.
  • 6 December: Fête du Sapin, Avully – wine tasting and Christmas tree shopping & Santa’s visit!
  • 12-13 December: Grand Lancy, includes one evening with kids activities.
  • 21 December. There is also an ice skating rink and kids activities.
  • 17 December: Corsier (Take TPB bus G), market includes a Christmas tree sale.
  • 18 December: Puplinge

Canton Vaud (and the Swiss canton of Valais by the Lake)

  • 8-10 Dec: La Noyere, Rolle
  • 18 November – 24 December: Lausanne – part of a much larger Christmas celebration. The market takes place at the Saint-François Plaza, but there are also many events including Christmas lights tour and outdoor concerts.
  • 20 November – 24 December: Montreuxconsidered as the most beautiful/important and largest Christmas market in the Lake Geneva region. It is more a Christmas carnival than anything else.
  • 28-29 November: St Cergue, Santa Claus is expected to visit.
  • 28-29 November: Aigle – the Jerusalem artisan market includes tons of local food products.
  • 28-29 November: Savigny, it includes a Santa Claus visit.
  • 29 November: Orbe – a one-day affair set in the heart of the old town includes a flea market/brocante, food and Christmas market.
  • 2-6 December: Coppet 
  • 04-13 December: Morges – the largest indoor Christmas market in Francophone Switzerland.
  • 5-6 December: St Gingolph on the Swiss side/canton Valais. The market is set against a stunning view of Lake Geneva.
  • 6 December: Gland, Christmas Market.
  • 6 December: Nyon, Christmas Market.
  • Christmas Markets in other cities in canton Vaud.

Neighboring France

  • 21-22 November: Saint-Genis-Pouilly – selling Christmas decorations, foods and flower arrangements.
  • 27 November – 3 January: Annecy – two Christmas markets, ice skating rink and other activities in this stunning city in neighboring France.
  • 27-29 November: Pays de Gex/Prévessin-Moëns, and Santa will somehow manage to visit this market too. Busy guy! 🙂
  • 29 November: Essert-Romand, Santa has made himself available for photos.
  • 29 November: Ville-la-Grande – Santa Claus will also be stopping by here!
  • 2-24 December: Pays de Gex/Crozet, Christmas decorations and market.
  • 5-24 December: Thonon-les-bains, a large market with tens of food and handicrafts, and a full-on celebration until 4 January.
  • 5-6 December: St Gingolph on the Swiss side/canton Valais. The market is set against a stunning view of Lake Geneva.
  • 6 December: Messery-Nernier, includes kids activities.
  • 11 December: Yvoire – a medieval township celebrates Christmas “as long ago.”
  • 11-24 December: Annemasse – a town festival with ice skating rink, Christmas market, and different outdoor activities every single day, including concerts.
  • Other dates and cities in the Départament de Haute-Savoie, France

Let It Be Merry!

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