Geneva’s Lake Parade: Sunny with a Chance of Nakedness

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Newcomers may have never seen Geneva this rowdy and naked before; however, once a year the lakefront becomes center stage for the largest techno-music parade and outdoor party.

The 2014 edition with over 60,000 revelers took place Saturday 12 July. the-men-at-genevas-lake-parade019

What is the Lake Parade?

the-men-at-genevas-lake-parade047If this is your first time attending here’s a short description of what’s in store: thousands of scantily clad – or partially naked – merrymakers follow a dozen or so floats boasting loud techno / house music or carrying live music bands.

Some of these floats, sponsored by radio stations or dance clubs, carry guys and gals willing to entertain the crowd “a la mardi-gras”.

The floats are surrounded by hundreds of people dancing, drinking – many in excess – and posing for photographers, all of which leaves little room for spectators.

The parade ends by Geneve plage, where booths with loud music welcome participants and visitors and more alcohol is served until 04:00 the next morning.

Brazil girlSurvive the parade by getting yourself to a location where you can watch the crowd from a distance. I recommend the corner of the Mont-Blanc bridge and the quay, next to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Last year I decided to focus on the men of the Lake Parade – in protest for all the blatant men who hover over women at the parade.

See the full, outrageous photo gallery, clicking here.

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