Armed robbery in Geneva, shootout caught on camera

GENEVA, Switzerland — Police have not released any new details of a jewelry heist occurred this past weekend in downtown Geneva. The getaway ended in shots fired in the street, where it was caught on tape.

The incident occurred on Saturday 13 May at around 9:40 at the Kunz jewelry store on Quai des Berges.

A video posted by Le Matin (find it here), shows a security guard yelling at the suspects, and then shooting in the direction where the two men were trying to get away in a small two-wheeled motorbike.

20Min reports that the two suspects were arrested.

One of them first hid under a car but was later captured near St Gervais as he entered a nearby parking lot.

Witnesses told the Tribune de Genève that one of the suspects was brandishing a gun, and that part of the loot had been dropped by the suspects while escaping.

Police confirmed that a robbery took place and that no one was injured during the incident, but refused to provide further details pending the investigation.

Kunz, found in Geneva in 1896, is well known for its high-end jewelry and watches. The store in Quai des Bergues opened in 1950.

Other jewelry heists in Geneva

Police are still trying to apprehend three men responsible for the kidnapping and robbery of a diamond dealer in Cologny in March.

The suspects, whose partly-covered faces were caught on camera, first kidnapped the victim from his house, then took him to his business in Cours de Rive. Once there, and under threat, he was forced to hand over diamonds and high-end jewelry. The three suspects spoke French and Arabic. It is believed the men headed towards the French border after the robbery. Anyone with information is asked to call +41 (0)22 427 73 80.

In February, another robbery took place in Geneva. In that incident, a lone robber took jewelry worth more than 20 million francs. The man was arrested as he headed to the border.

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