Burning winter away in Geneva

GENEVA, Switzerland – Every year, after a long and parma-gray winter, Genevans gather up to wish winter away and celebrate the arrival of spring. The celebration, known as Bonhomme Hiver, takes place across the canton and is usually organized by neighborhood associations. 

The Flottins, an alternative magical town comes to an end in Evian, Lake Geneva

. EVIAN (Lake Geneva) – There are only a few days left until the end of one of the most magical displays in the Lake Geneva region, the Flottines. For the past ten years, this giant outdoor exhibit has come to life thanks to the Theatre de la Toupine artists in Evian, neighboring France. The “fabulous village” for kids and grownups…

List of Carnivals in Switzerland

GENEVA, Switzerland – Carnival season is upon us, and whether you are a long-term resident or a newly-arrived expat, you should experience one of these celebrations, as they can be a lot of fun. Some of the carnivals are scary, and I mean, the purpose is to scare you—and winter away—as much as possible (see video below). 

Swiss Carnival Season is Here, Find Out Where!

GENEVA, Switzerland – Carnaval, carnival, fasnacht, karnivale and brandons are some of the names by which the festive season of street celebrations filled with parades, brass bands and masquerades, that usually take place before Lent, have begun in Switzerland.