Save Paper: Opt Out of Swiss Phonebook & Yellow Pages

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – An ever-growing number of residents in Switzerland are stopping the unwanted delivery of several pounds of paper by eliminating their automatic subscription to printed phonebook directories and using the online version instead.

The default option for all Swiss customers is the printed version which is delivered between February and March each year. Therefore, if you no longer want to receive the directories you must opt out to stop the deliveries. is the official phonebook and yellow pages of Switzerland and offers its online services in English, French, German and Italian.

To opt out, simply

  • email:
  • send an SMS / text message to 079 861 54 89 with the legend STOP “(and add your landline number)”
  • via Internet:
  • by phone, free of charge: 0800 86 80 86

You can re-subscribe at any given time.

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