Swiss Still Celebrating Davis Cup Win; Wawrinka, Federer in Rare Form

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – “We are champions” (on est champion) chanted thousands of fans upon sight of the new “Swiss heroes,” the national tennis team, for their historic win in the Davis Cup.

This past weekend, Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka had a phenomenal finish against Les Bleus, putting the Swiss in a position to win their first title ever in the Davis Cup.

This was the thirteenth time both nations met in the tournament where France lead 10-2.

While Wawrinka and Federer – who won Olympic gold together in 2008 – were in rare form this past weekend, experts say the team definitely benefited from its captain, Severin Lüthi’s choice to hire a well-known Australian consultant ahead of the final.

(Left, the Swiss team with captain Lüthi in the middle, photo from Federer’s Twitter account).

Always the gentleman, Federer conceded that while he delivered the master stroke, the MVP was Wawrinka for giving Switzerland an early lead in the finals:

So, what’s a team to do after a historic win? According to Switzerland’s favorite duo, you celebrate!

A celebration was exactly what the Swiss delivered to their national team on Monday 24 November, when an estimated 10,000 fans welcomed them as heroes in Lausanne:

(Keystone press agency also captured the welcoming reception in Lausanne with full interviews in German and French – otherwise see the RTS news report in French.)

This much love almost made us forget the dr-ah-ma of the ATP World Finals between the top two seeded players of Switzerland; thankfully, it seems the Vaudois had also gotten over it!


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