Young brazilian immigrant dies in raging fire in Switzerland, dozens left homeless

Switzerland —The community of Payerne in the Swiss canton of Vaud, near canton Fribourg, are coming to terms with a fire that left one young woman dead and several people homeless, including a 3-week-old infant. 

The blaze occurred on Sunday 23 April in the afternoon. For an unknown reason, flames quickly engulfed a building on rue de Lausanne 5, next to the Café du Marché and the Tourism Office. Fire and water damage also affected two adjacent buildings.

Authorities have confirmed the fatal victim is a 22-year-old Brazilian immigrant who lived in that building.

Friends and family of the deceased woman indicated on social media that she had recently become a dental assistant and was eager to start her new professional  life. The name of the victim will not be released due to stringent Swiss privacy laws.

La Tele, a regional Fribourg-Vaud TV channel  has been following the story for the past few days, and was the first to report from the field.

Following the overwhelming response, the city of Payerne is asking citizens wanting to contribute to those left homeless, to bring clean and usable items to the Centre Socioculturel de Payerne, Rue de la Boverie 40 on Thursday 27 April until 19:00 and Saturday 29 April from 08:00 to 11:00.

The following items are the most needed:

  • Clothes/diapers for a newly born girl
  • Boy’s clothing
    • 4-years-old (size 110)
    • 6-years-old (size 116)
    • 13-years-old (size 156, shoe size 37-38)
  • Girl’s clothing
    • 7-years-old (size 128, shoe size 32-33)
  • Men’s items
    • Size S-M, M, M-L, XL, and XXL
    • Shoe sizes 39-40, 45 and 48-49
  • Women’s items
    • Size M-L, and L-XL
    • Shoe sizes 36 and 38
  • Toys and games for
    • boys 4- to 8-years-old
    • girls 7- to 9-years-old
    • teen boys 13-15 years of age

Those wishing to donate furniture are asked to send a photo of the item to:, or stop by the Municipal Hall with a photo of the item.

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