What’s on: Annual Flea Market and Neighborhood Fair in Jonction

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Salsa, disco, yoga and kids activities are on the menu this weekend at the annual flea market and neighborhood fair at Gourgas Park in La Jonction in Geneva.

See the full programme here.

The market, part of the La ville est a vous is one of the crowdest in the series of events, with about 200 sellers filling the park and  overflowing into the surrounding streets.

Jonction ville est a vous in Geneva
Jonction ville est a vous in Geneva. Photo, Bruce Pequignot, Copyright ©2010

If you want to sell, these are the rules: show up a bit before 8:00 with second-hand and a few new items (can’t sell exclusively new items), set up your stall and voilà!

Those interested in setting a  free food stall must contact each of the organizers and attend a 2-hour health course.

Other dates for your calendar:

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