Switzerland last victory before the World Cup: 2-0 over Peru

LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND  – The Swiss team has landed a much-needed ego boost before the upcoming football World Cup, winning 2-0 over Peru.

Although the Swiss squad had a clear victory, many commentators saw a lackluster, disorganized team that had difficulty scoring. Omar Hitzfeld’s team waited 75 minutes before being able to score their first goal. Switzerland’s previous win over Jamaica was  an unimpressive 1-0.

It was clearly a sad moment for the Peruvian fans residing in Switzerland – an estimated 20,000 – but those who made it to the stadium cheered their team through thick and thin.

La Nati’s goals were scored by mid-fielder Xherdan Shaquiri and Stephan Lichtsteiner.

The bicolor  or blanquirroja as the Peruvian squad is known, made several changes to its lineup after its previous loss to England, but still couldn’t score.

Peru, which was a strong squad in the 80s, has been footballistically  in trouble, most recently failing to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

This was the first time both teams faced each other and the last game at home for the Swiss head coach who is retiring from football after the Cup.

Switzerland has been to 10 World Cups but has only reached three quarter-finals.

See the goals here as broadcast by Swiss Television or here, as narrated by Peruvian commentators.

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