Swiss Parliament Secretary Saucy Side Job

WARNING: I rarely feel the need to alert readers to explicit content. But some may find the topic distasteful.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The identity of the Swiss parliament secretary who posted hundreds of naked “selfies” on Twitter — many of which had been taken inside the Parliament — has been revealed in international media. The woman has been found to be more than an online exhibitionist with a penchant for monumental buildings… she’s a hard-core porn amateur actress in her off-time.

Under Swiss privacy laws, her identity (including her face) cannot be revealed by any news outlet or blog based in the Confederation; however, that is hardly the case overseas where her name and photos have been widely publicized.

Swiss secretary

According to the Neue Zuercher Zeitung which broke the story, the Swiss parliament has launched an investigation into whether or not the woman has breached “good faith obligations with her employer” by posting naked pictures of herself from inside the federal building.

Lucky for her, there is no criminal investigation underway.

This brings the question; shouldn’t her identity remain concealed elsewhere as in Switzerland?

It is true she was posting x-rated selfies and shooting porn videos where her face – and all other body parts – can be easily seen, but in both instances the woman was not using her real name.

By being outed in international media, any prospective employer googling her name will no doubt find the x-rated pictures and links to her dozen or so porn videos.

The woman’s next job may then, only be in the porn business. This is arguably, something she might had wanted to pursue anyway.

When asked by the Neue Zuercher Zeitung if she ever worried that her colleagues might see her pictures she said: “The issue is constantly on my mind”.

It is hard to determine if she was really concerned she might be identified when she was so nonchalant about shooting xxx videos, or if she was just worried that her name could be made public.

Either way, since the scandal broke at the beginning of August, the woman deactivated her Twitter account and a new one with even more explicit content has replaced it.

saucy secretary2

The first tweet of the new account said:

“I’m famous, thx 20min!”.

Only six more tweets have been written since that new account was created. All the tweets link to articles or videos showing her face and linking to her hard-core porn scenes. Some argue it is a marketing plot to further her “fame”.

It is unknown if this is her own doing, or if someone else is seeking to “out” her in Switzerland.

It is also unknown what the Swiss Parliament will do about her employment in the legislature. One thing is for sure though; Swiss privacy laws can no longer hide her identity. If the Internet deems that your name is a public commodity, then, no privacy laws can protect you.

Update: After being suspended from her job, the woman and the federal government agreed to part ways. According to the federal code of conduct, employees are required “not to impair the reputation and prestige of the federal government”. Clearly, she was doing just that.

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