In Photos and Videos: Geneva Festival Fireworks, the Bomb!

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Fireworks galore this weekend around Lake Geneva but none more epic than those of the Fetes de Geneve which blasted through the night before an approximate 400,000 people.

According to organizers, the Geneva Festival which concludes tonight 10 August, drew around one million people – about half less than in 2013. Nevertheless, in spite of the terrible weather conditions, hotels were crowded, vendors were able to come ahead and the fireworks -which cost CHF700,000 security and clean up not included – were a success.

If you missed the pyrotechnics or simply want to re-live this loud evening where more than 50 large-caliber Cherry Bombs were projected, here are some particularly nice shots and videos, including shots from some of the hotels on the quais.

Click here to see the great video published on RTS and on RT. Otherwise, amuse yourself with this Vine video below.

Nick Palffy, photographer, has more awesome photos here.

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