Ukraine Supporters Protest Against Russia In Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – “Putin get out of Ukraine”, “Stop Putin’s terrorism” and “Freedom to Nadiya Savchenko” -an Ukrainian pilot captured by pro-Russian rebels-, were some of the slogans shouted by a small group of protesters  on 9 August in front of the United Nations in Geneva.

Photos of the group clad in blue and yellow and draped in Ukrainian flags made the rounds on social networks and some local media, including the Tribune de Geneve.

On Friday 8 August, the Geneva-based United Nations Refugee Agency announced that the humanitarian crisis in the disputed region in Ukraine continues to grow.

If this figure is accurate, the number of internally displaced persons has more than doubled in the space a month.

Featured photo by Instagram member dempseyb.

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  1. There were ~65 people in this small group.


  2. It is a not a “small group of people” – this is a group of people that came to tell the truth about situation in Ukraine and to make world stop Putin in his aggression against Ukraine


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