The Fetes de Geneve Fireworks to be the Loudest in Record

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Fetes de Geneve fireworks that take place on 9 August at 22:00 promise to be the loudest pyrotechnics in record  -in Geneva and probably in Europe- with more than 50 large-scale Cherry Bombs.

At a cost of 700,000 Swiss francs, paid exclusively by hoteliers and Swiss luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe, these are  also one of the largest fireworks in the world.

Master pyrotechnician Pierre-Alain Beretta interviewed by Leman Blue and Genève Tourism said the fireworks usually include four or five large pipe bombs – also known Globe Salutes, Kraft Salutes or Bangarangs – but that this year, thanks to the additional CHF200,000 donated by Patek Philippe, the number will surpass 50.

The ending will include 1,600 explosions in the last 40 seconds. In other words, it will be loud!

Where to watch?

Go the quais on both sides of the Lake, the Mont-Blanc bridge or the Ile de Rousseau, from where you can hear the musical accompaniment to the fireworks.

Alternatively, and more expensive, buy tickets directly from the Fetes de Geneve, go to one of the hotels on the quai which host viewing parties or to the WMO’s l’Attique restaurant in the top floor. All très chic.

Another alternative is to watch them from afar, say the Promeneur solitaire bridge in the St Jean neighborhood, the “terrace” on the building facing the Usine on quai de Seujet,  the Coulouvreniere bridge or live on TV on Leman Bleu.

For those new to the region, here are some facts and advise

The pyrotechnics – synchronized to music – usually “tell a story”. In 2014, that story is The Man and The Time, corresponding of course to the watchmaker which donated a large portion of the money.

Tune in to One FM and follow the music while watching the fireworks which last about an hour.

The fireworks are projected from around 30 launching platforms located over the lake.

Take public transportation and if driving to the city, park as far away as possible and then take public transport. Place des Alps, rue des Alps, place Trainant, the quays and the Mont-Blanc bridge close at 18:00 on Saturday and won’t re-open again until 4:00 on Sunday.

Here’s a sample of past fireworks display in Geneva.

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