Slithering! Snakes Take Over Geneva’s Palexpo

GENEVA, Switzerland – Snakes – including one that is 4 metres long – have taken over Palexpo!

Reptiles del MundoFor the next five weeks, over 400 reptiles will be showcased under one roof.

This is part of the World’s Reptile exhibit that feature frogs, lizards, tarantulas and even a two-headed snake.

The expo, which takes place from 27 September to 2 November, includes four daily feeding demos as well as venom extraction demonstrations (see photo left).

Frogs, lizards, pythons and a few tarantulas are part of the 400 animal contingent waiting to make your day at Palexpo.

Fees: CHF17 for adults to get in, CHF14 for students, CHF10 for kids but two or more in the same group pay only CHF8 each.



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