Buy Your Geneva TPG Bus Ticket Via Text

GENEVA, Switzerland – Welcome to Geneva! This post explains how to use your mobile phone to purchase your bus ticket in the canton. 

The basics

TPG ticket via phone SMS Text
TPG ticket via phone SMS Text
  • If you have a demi-tariff, or fare reduction card, you will shave off one to three francs per ticket. [The demi-tariff is only sold in one-year increments, and denoted with a 2; the full fare with a 1. See below.]
  • Tickets can only be issued through Swiss mobile networks/phones with Swiss SIM cards. Swiss mobile providers bill customers through their billing cycle without additional fees. Pre-paid phones deduct the amount from the balance right away.
  • Tickets must be purchased before boarding the vehicle. The TPG number to send your text to is 788. You will receive a text (SMS) confirming purchase and indicating expiration time. The SMS will need to be presented to authorities if required. [Bus inspectors will look at time of purchase which should be prior to their entering the bus.]
  • If traveling with others, purchase individual tickets separately for each person in the party.
  • Regardless of fare, tickets are valid throughout the Geneva public transportation system. This includes buses, trolleys (trams), yellow water shuttles, and (regio) regional trains throughout canton Geneva and selected cities in neighbouring France and canton Vaud.

One hour unlimited rides

  • TPG1 — 60mins, full fare, CHF3
  • TPG2 — 60mins, with reduced-fare card, CHF2

Day cards or cartes journalières

Valid either starting before or after 09:00 until end of bus service, usually 02:00 the following day or 05:00 on weekends

  • CJ1 — Before 09:00, full fare, CHF10, valid to end of bus service; two people can ride with one ticket during the weekend
  • CJ2 — Before 09:00, with reduced fare card, CHF7.50, valid to end of bus service, two people can ride with one ticket during the weekend
  • CJ91 — From 09:00 onwards, full fare, CHF8, valid to end of bus service
  • CJ92 — From 09:00 onwards, with reduced fare card, CHF5.60, valid to end of bus service

There are other variations: 2-hour tickets, regional not Geneva, etc., view them all here.

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