Santé! Six sparkling wines from canton Geneva to try out

Prices and links updated

GENEVA, Switzerland — Here are a few suggestions for local (Geneva) and French bubbly for under CHF35. Add brownie points for the lovely drive (or TPG bus ride) through the Geneva campagne/countryside.

I haven’t tried many of the local sparkling wines so I look forward to your feedback if you venture with any of these.

  • La Barjak, a mousseux from Domaine de la Printaniere, in Avully. (This same domaine used to make a spectacular blanc de blancs. CHF22.
  • Cologny Brut, a sparkling wine from La Vigne Blanche in Cologny. This domaine offers free wine tasting as well.
  • Genevoisie Chardonnay, a traditional blanc de blancs from Peissy. CHF22.
  • Baron Auriol, a traditional blanc de blancs from the Domaine des Abeilles in Chouilly; CHF22.
  • Blanc de Blancs from the Domaine des Charmes in Satigny. CHF26.
  • Flûtes Enchantées from the Domaine Dugerdil in Dardagny. CHF22.

In addition  Manor and Coop sell other Swiss bubbly (think Valais, Neuchatel, Zurich), for under CHF30 a bottle.

If you are planning a winter picnic, don’t forget the disposable champagne flutes from Denner (CHF2.50 for a pack of 6) or head to Caritas or Salvation Army and buy two champagne glass flutes (CHF2/each).

Of course there are plenty more sparkling non-alcoholic options: Remuss, Pellegrino, apple cider and the likes. Chin Chin!

Photo: Domaine des Charmes.

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