Looking for a Halloween Costume? Here’s where in Geneva, Lausanne and France

GENEVA, LAUSANNE – If you are still looking for a Halloween outfit, it is not too late. Long gone are the days when finding Halloween items was difficult. As always, thrift stores offer off-the-wall alternatives and nowadays supermarkets also carry a great selection. Here below, find my updated list of other specialty stores. Now, kiddies… trick…

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Sale

GENEVA, Switzerland – Right on time for Valentine’s Day, Denner is lowering prices for all its selection of sparkling wines and champagnes.

Geneva’s January Sales Are On

GENEVA, Switzerland — January sales and deals are on until the end of the month, with up to 70% off -hiked up- Christmas prices.

Santé! Six sparkling wines from canton Geneva to try out

Prices and links updated GENEVA, Switzerland — Here are a few suggestions for local (Geneva) and French bubbly for under CHF35. Add brownie points for the lovely drive (or TPG bus ride) through the Geneva campagne/countryside. I haven’t tried many of the local sparkling wines so I look forward to your feedback if you venture…