Looking for a Halloween Costume? Here’s where in Geneva, Lausanne and France

GENEVA, LAUSANNE – If you are still looking for a Halloween outfit, it is not too late. Long gone are the days when finding Halloween items was difficult. As always, thrift stores offer off-the-wall alternatives and nowadays supermarkets also carry a great selection.

Here below, find my updated list of other specialty stores. Now, kiddies… trick or treat!


  • All 4 Party, online only
  • La Gaite, a Geneva gem selling new costumes since 1928, located near Rue des Confederations. It is so popular right before Halloween that you might find yourself waiting in line to get in.
  • Vêt’shop Carouge, a Red Cross-run store located on Rue Leschot in Plainpalais, that rents costumes all year, prices range from CHF5 for kids’ outfits to hundreds for drop-dead gorgeous ensembles.
  • La Mascarade, rental and custom-made outfits.
  • Maniak is not a costume store, but it is the ideal place to shop if you want to dress Goth/Punk/Emo.
  • McParty, online store only
  • Muller Ballons & Party, is a party-shop store selling anything you need for parties and Halloween outfits. Two stores, one near Lausanne, the other in Acacias in Geneva.
  • Francisco, Marché à petit prix, can be described as Geneva’s version of the “dollar store.” Here you can find disposable shoes, belly dancer outfits and other folies for small prices. Located at La Cygne mall, steps away from Cornavin train station on Rue des Alpes and Rue de Lausanne.

Halloween costume cat

Lausanne area

  • A. Bugnon, in Le-Mont-sur-Lausanne, is your one party-central renting evening outfits, tents and deguisements. 
  • Faites la fête, La Sarraz, new Halloween outfits
  • La Paternelle, in Busigny near Lausanne rents over 5,000 outfits all year round.
  • Le Musée, rents tuxes and Halloween outfits.
  • McParty, online sales only
  • Mixage-Déguisements, in Le-Mont-sur-Lausanne is another party-central renting evening outfits, tents and deguisements. 
  • Muller Ballons & Party, is a party-shop store selling anything you need for parties and Halloween outfits. Two stores, one near Lausanne, the other in Acacias in Geneva.


Neighboring France

Happy Halloween!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Silke says:

    Hey, that’s a really amazing list. Well, okay I’m never late with my costume, as I prepare up to several months in advance 😀 I need my costume to be exactly as I want it (I’m a perfectionist) so there is no space for spontaneous costumes 😛 I just miss my trusted costume-shop where I order every year 🙂 It’s called partyartikel-shop.ch and is amazing. The prices are absolutely bearable and the quality is astonishing. Thought you’d maybe wanna improve your list, by another awesome shop 😉


    1. I thought I had that link in my list. Thanks, always great adding more to it!


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