Valentine’s Day in Geneva: Romantic on a Budget

GENEVA – Don’t let the wallet get in the way of a fun Valentine’s Day in Geneva. Here are some budget-friendly options for all ages.

You will need a good champagne or sparkling wine  (see here my suggestions for pocket-friendly bubblies), flowers (now in sale in less than CHF13 for Max Havelaar roses in Coop, Aldi and Migros) and chocolate (it is the land of chocolate after all).

1. Clean the palace! Your Valentine’s will love you for it. Get an ad on WRS or in Anibis and surprise your loved one with a nice, spick-and-span love cradle.

2. A Swiss luxury watch. I promised budget, so here are three stores that sell certified, second-hand Swiss luxe watches and which have been around for a long time: Chrono Suisse, Au Vieux Horlogere and Horlogerie Esmeralda.

3. A day-spa treatment, dinner for two or weekend getaway. Glocals and Groupon. Not-yet-a-member?

4. Write a poem and sing it or read it out loud, at Dialogai evening of DJ and word. It is said to be an evening for “languorous words and fiery tango.” CHF10 to get in.

6. Ice skating and winter picnic for couples and families. Head to Bastions Park, Vernier, Carouge, Versoix or Meyrin – or rollerblading in Charmilles. It is free, skate rentals are CHF2. (Upgrade: the Lodge d’Hiver in Bellevue. Skating is free but mulled wine, the lowest priced item besides soft drinks, is CHF15 a glass).

7. Valentine’s Day Cruise. CHF250 per couple, but does not include drinks. Common! It could be “budget” for someone.

Image: Dialogai.

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