Swiss swimming championship ends with 10 hospitalized

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – At least 10 Swiss swimmers were hospitalized after becoming severely ill while participating in the annual national swimming championship in Lausanne.

According to the national sports authority Swiss Swimming,

Several female swimmers and a few male counterparts suffered strong stomachaches; some of them had to be hospitalized.

The local sports committee, together with police and health authorities stopped the competition for about an hour while further medical tests were carried out.

The swimming championship resumed at about 20:00.

While Swiss Swimming said there had not been any chaos during the incident, the 24Heures newspaper describes the presence of several police units, ambulances and a certain “chaos” outside the venue.

Most of the affected swimmers were members from two clubs from the German-speaking area of Switzerland and have since been released from the university hospital in canton Vaud.

It is unclear if the swimmers fell ill due to the water or had a bout of food poisoning.

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