Geneva police in alert after six are injured in Swiss train attack

Updated on Sunday 14 August: suspect is dead, one victim also died. Read the follow up here.

GENEVA – St Gallen cantonal police have confirmed a knife and arson attack at around 14:20 in a train near the Salez station between Buchs and Sennwald in northeastern Switzerland.

Police have confirmed that a Swiss man, 27, tried to set the train ablaze and stab passengers.

As a result, six people including three women aged 17, 34 and 43, and two men aged 17 and 50 were injured. A 6-year-old child was also hurt in the attack.

Unconfirmed reports in social media say the suspect announced his attack through a live stream but this has not been confirmed by authorities.

The scene was secured by rescue helicopters, medical teams and ambulances, local fire brigades and a massive contingent of Cantonal Police.

The motive of the attack is unknown at the time. Police confirmed the suspect was also injured but has not provided additional information.

Geneva police, which has secured the Mont-Blanc bridge in preparation for the city’s largest fireworks display and has put concrete barricades along the popular quais, are said to be in alert.

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