Swiss train attack claims first fatal victim, no terrorist link, man stopped attacker

SWITZERLAND – A senseless train attack that occurred on Saturday 13 August on a Swiss train in northeastern Switzerland has claimed its first fatal victim. A 34-year-old woman who had been critically injured died today as did the attacker. Two more persons including a 6-year-old, remain in critical condition. Meanwhile, authorities in canton St Gall have shed light on the case saying that so far “there is no evidence this was a terrorist attack or politically motivated”.

Cantonal police issued a press release on Sunday morning “to dispel rumors”.

According to authorities, the suspect, 27, lived in a neighboring canton (exact location unknown), was a Swiss national of non-immigrant background, and had no prior criminal record. His home was raided but the findings won’t be made known as they “are part of the criminal proceedings and therefore not public”. Police say the motive is still unclear but they are investigating whether the “perpetrator knew” (one of the) victims.

The attack occurred  shortly before the train arrived to the Salez Station as it traveled from Buchs to Sennwald near Liechtenstein. Police say security video shows the man acting alone, stabbing passengers and setting the train ablaze critically injuring several passengers. The attacker was also burnt.

As the train arrived at the station, a man at the platform dragged the suspect out of the train injuring himself in the process. This person’s bravery reportedly prevented the grave situation from escalating further.

Three people are still in the hospital including two in serious condition.

The flammable liquid is being analyzed and further forensics are being carried out in the train. Police are asking all passengers that were at the train at that moment and who have not spoken to police, to call (+41) (0) 58 229 49 49.

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