What’s On and Free in Geneva in June 2017

GENEVA, Switzerland — The June guide is coming a bit late courtesy of an actual paying job 😉 Nevertheless faithful readers, here is “a selection” of what’s on and free in what is left of June in Geneva. (I will update this post during the week to add more events!)

Unless noted otherwise, the events take place in the city of Geneva. A few favorites are highlighted in blue and those that could be of interest to kids and families are highlighted in green (for a full agenda of events for the little ones, checkout these websites, AmStramGram, Geneva Family Diaries, and HappyKid).

 Navigate the list easier by clicking on the following categories:

Art & Other Exhibits

  • 17 Jun-16 Jul: Botanica —  workshops for kids and adults,conferences, guided visits, and food tasting at the Botanical Gardens and 21 other gardens around the canton — most of the activities are free
  • 19-29 Jun: Kihnu, Isle of Women — Lying off Estonia’s Baltic coast, the small islands of Kihnu and Manija are home to a community of 600 people whose cultural expressions and agricultural traditions have been kept alive over the centuries largely through the island’s female population — free, at the UN, registration required
  • 19 Jun-7Jul: Photo exhibit, 20 Years of Humanitarian Mine Action — free, those without UN badges are required to register — (I’m biased, so I will highlight it blue as a recommended event!)
  • Until 30 June: Enfants Placés – the shameful story of Swiss kids given to adoption or to service, a moving exhibit, Bern – read more here
  • Until 2 July: Aqua — two exhibits. One at the Château de Penthes and the other outdoors on the Rousseau Island, free
  • Until 29 Oct: 100 Years of the Reform – over 125 pieces in exhibition tell the story of Calvin and other church reformers
  • Until Oct: At Work from 1860 to Our Days — a photo exhibit at the Prangins Castle in canton Vaud
  • Until 2018: Printed Narrative Scenes on 19th Century Creamware — collection of plates, usually 12, telling one collective story
  • until 2018: Images of Science — exhibit of some of the best science images, free the first Sunday of the month
  • until 2018: The Boomerang Effect, Australia’s Aboriginal Arts, free the first Sunday of the month
  • until 2018: ANTS – all you ever wanted to know about these crawlers, free the first Sunday of the month

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Film Festivals and other Performing Arts

  • 16-18 Jun: Geneva public art biennale — at the Plainpalais Plaza with concerts, art performances and more — free (click on the Tweet above to see the video of the various art installations and concerts going on in Plainpalais!

  • 16-22 Jun: Zanco Wild Things — street theatre in the woods at La Grange Park (or is that… forest mystery theatre?) at 21:15 — free, donations accepted

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Fairs and other Special Events

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Fitness Activities & Sporting Events

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Food and Drink

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Shopping: Fleamarkets, artisans and art fairs, vintage sales, etc.

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