Looking for a Halloween Costume? Here’s where in Geneva, Lausanne and France

GENEVA, LAUSANNE – If you are still looking for a Halloween outfit, it is not too late. Long gone are the days when finding Halloween items was difficult. As always, thrift stores offer off-the-wall alternatives and nowadays supermarkets also carry a great selection. Here below, find my updated list of other specialty stores. Now, kiddies… trick…

Free French lessons in Geneva parks

GENEVA, Switzerland – The city of Geneva is offering free French lessons for novices brave enough to venture outside during these hot, summer days.

Happiest countries also safest countries? Switzerland leads the list

Study also shows gender gap in life enjoyment GENEVA – Switzerland has once again ranked as the Happiest Country in the World by the World Happiness Report, which assesses the well-being and happiness of countries’ residents – with happiness considered as a “proper measure of social progress.”

Where to Buy Cloth Nappies (Diapers) around Lake Geneva

GENEVA, Switzerland – More and more moms seem to be going back to our grandmothers’ ways by using washable cotton nappies or diapers, which are both eco-friendly… and a ton of work. If you are looking to go that route, here are a few resources in the Lake Geneva region including one that offers to do the washing for…

Geneva’s January Sales Are On

GENEVA, Switzerland — January sales and deals are on until the end of the month, with up to 70% off -hiked up- Christmas prices.