Where to Buy Cloth Nappies (Diapers) around Lake Geneva

GENEVA, Switzerland – More and more moms seem to be going back to our grandmothers’ ways by using washable cotton nappies or diapers, which are both eco-friendly… and a ton of work.

If you are looking to go that route, here are a few resources in the Lake Geneva region including one that offers to do the washing for you… wait, what? Great!

  • Anibis, personal online classifieds (in French, free to post).
  • Amazon France, offers washable diapers and delivery in neighboring France.
  • Au Petit-Têtard, in Martigny, Valais also offers online shopping and delivery in Switzerland.

  • Coop, Swiss supermarket sells biodegradable non reusable diapers.
  • Envie des fraises in Plainpalais, Geneva.
  • Eco Family, based in Versoix, Geneva, offers online shopping in English and delivery in Switzerland.

  • Frotti Langes, in Cressier, Vaud offers biodegradable not reusable diapers and delivery in Switzerland.
  • Jubilane, in Châtel-Saint-Denis in Fribourg delivers anywhere in Switzerland, online shopping in English.
  • Les Bebes de Sabine, French-based online shopping with delivery in France.

  • Mere et Terre, two stores in Grens-sur-Nyon and Charvonay, Vaud and online shopping available. In addition to washable nappies it offers biodegradable diapers.
  • Mini Boo, Swiss online shop based in Sierre, Valais.
  • Migros, Swiss supermarket sells biodegradable diapers.

  • P’tidou, Morges, Vaud, online shopping and delivery in Switzerland.
  • Pharmacie Plus, in Chatelaine, Geneva, sells washable nappies.
  • Ricardo (in French and German, the Swiss version of Ebay, registration required, safe to buy).

  • Satoriz, French retailer with stores in Annecy, Annemasse, Thoiry, Thonon and other cities in the Lake Geneva region. No online shopping.
  • Sam Nature, in Courgenay, Jura sells washable and biodegradable diapers. Online shopping and delivery in Switzerland.
  • Sustain a Bum, online shop based in Geneva delivers in Switzerland. Shopping in English, French and German (and their website is one to love!)

If you already own reusable nappies Eco Couches –  based in Grand-Saconnex in Geneva, picks up your dirty diapers and returns them clean for a fee. Service available in canton Geneva, the La Côte area (Lake Geneva), Lausanne and Neuchâtel.

Happy diapering!

Photo, Alexander, son of my lovely girlfriend Aydee.

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