The Birds! No horror, just birds over Geneva (video)

GENEVA – This is no horror story. Instead, it’s a visual ode to the season, and to the millions of migratory birds that go over Europe each year – 5.5 million this year alone. According to BirdLife Suisse—an organization of bird-watchers who met at 59 observation stands over Switzerland over the first weekend of October—50,871 birds crossed the Swiss skies…

Staged stabbing at CERN causes uproar, raises questions about security

GENEVA – Several online outlets today point at a bizarre video shot in the premises of CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, whose lab in canton Geneva carries out high-energy physics research. The video, which CERN officials say was shot “without official permission or knowledge”, also raises questions of security in the premises late at…

Football friendly: Switzerland loses to Belgium in Geneva

GENEVA – Game was on this afternoon at the Stade de Genève where two small countries with large Eurocup football dreams faced each other off in a friendly. Unfortunately for Switzerland, it fell 2-1 to Belgium just a few minutes before the end of the game.

Drone captures images of the Arve River flood in Geneva

GENEVA, Switzerland – The sun might be shining, water levels rescinding and bridges might have reopened, but some Geneva residents are still hung up on this week’s big topic: the Arve River flooding. After all, it was the highest surge on record for the area in more than 80 years.

Renault: from 8 Gordini to Electric Twingo in Geneva

PARIS, France – As a vintage car lover and avid fan of rear-wheel tractor drive beasts in general, I went deaf when my wife  suggested I check out the new electric Twingo, Renault will be introducing at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Really? In a brilliant marketing move, she and millions of other viewers no doubt,…

Some Minicars Test Poor in US, not so in Europe

GENEVA, Switzerland – Minicars, or superminis as they are often called in Europe are one of the most popular vehicles in small cities in Europe. Nevertheless, six minicars tested by the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, have earned “poor” ratings in the overlap front crash test; not so in Europe. What gives?