The Birds! No horror, just birds over Geneva (video)

GENEVA – This is no horror story. Instead, it’s a visual ode to the season, and to the millions of migratory birds that go over Europe each year – 5.5 million this year alone. According to BirdLife Suisse—an organization of bird-watchers who met at 59 observation stands over Switzerland over the first weekend of October—50,871 birds crossed the Swiss skies looking for warmer winds.

If you happen to have missed “The Birds”, no fear! Pascale Bergstrom captured a wonderful scene: myriads of birds flying in every which way a few days ago in Commugny, in the Geneva countryside.

The photo featuring a couple of birds perched on a tree top on a sunny autumn day is courtesy of Geneva resident Anne Fitzpatrick—who in the past has graciously shared her photos with us.

Stay tuned for the “return parade” by following Le Pèlerin, a birdwatching blog that traces flight patterns over the Franches-Montagnes District in the Swiss Jura, and the Valais… and who knows? Pascale and Anne might capture the moment as well!

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