Kids Clothing and Toys Sale for English Speaking Families in Geneva

Next date: 11 October 2015.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – If you are new to Geneva chances are you’ve heard of, or seen ads for, the International Children’s Clothing and Toy Sale; what you might not know, is that the bi-annual sale is a five-hour shopping affair – mostly for kids and sports items, but also for teen’s and women’s clothing and accessories –  not apt for the faint of heart.

What is for sale? Bikes, roller blades, camping or snow equipment including skis and snowboards (depending on season), books in English, German, French and Spanish for children and adults, video games, DVDs, toys, board games, strollers and baby equipment, second-hand and new children’s and women’s clothing.

Where does it take place?

Eglise du Sacre Coeur, 25bis Boulevard Georges-Favon, by the Plain de Plainpalais, Geneva. Near bus lines 1,3 and trams 12, 15 and 17. Sale begins at 13:00.

To reach the organizers write to: through their Facebook group, or their blog.

Tips for shoppers

Would be shoppers Geneva
Would be shoppers are seen here in a line that stretches out the front door and onto the street. Photo courtesy of the Organizing Committee.

Doors open at 13:00 on Sunday but many would be shoppers wait in line for up to an hour to get a good spot.

  • Once inside, things get crazy for the first 60 or so minutes. I prefer going a bit later when there are less people around which makes shopping easier.
  • Bring a large, good quality, tear-proof bag to carry items while shopping.
  • Sales are cash only, Euros are accepted (bills only).
  • If you are going with small children, consider going later when the crowds thin out – strollers are hard to manage when there are hundreds of people around.
  • Dress in layers – it gets steaming hot in the room.
  • Consider bringing a shopping partner. It makes it easier.
  • The women’s clothing section is worth checking out. There are no dressing rooms though.
  • Leave a few coins in your pocket to buy some well deserved after-sale treats at the bake sale (100% of the pastries sale goes to charity).

How does it work?

If you want to sell you’ll have to register well in advance via email: There are two options to participate:

Sellers option 1: Drop-off vendors. Tag and drop items off on Saturday eve. Pick up unsold items and your revenue on Sunday eve. Expect long lines on both days. Drop off vendors keep 70% of their profits.

Sellers option 2: Working Vendors/Volunteers. In addition to the above, you prep up the hall for the sale and then, once the sale is finished, you help clean it up. It takes a LOT of stamina, wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to spend about seven to eight hours doing it each day. The reward? Volunteers shop first and keep 90% of their profits.

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    These are our new links, please update your pages and bookmarks. See you for the Autumn 2016 sale on Sunday 16th October 2016!

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