The United States Featured at the Veyrier Town Festival

GENEVA, Switzerland – From 26 to 28 September, Veyrier celebrates its traditional Town Fair or Vogue with some American pizzazz.

God Bless Veyrier! On the Road Again said the town’s mayor in the presentation of the 2014 programme dedicated to the legacy of the United States of America.

The Festival is held throughout the township which borders France, beginning this Friday 26 September.

It includes a “shooting range”, a VTT or mountain biking competition for kids, adults and families, “prom night”, a ball, carnival rides, a large flea market, a kids toy exchange sale, a handicrafts market, petanque, concerts, a boum or kids ball, food stalls and the traditional mega serving of choucroute (sauerkraut with sausages, dried meats or charcuterie and potatoes) on the last eve of the festival.

This is one of the largest town fairs in canton Geneva. TPG bus #8 takes you easily there from Geneva.

Don’t miss it!

Find the full programme here.

To see a post on the latest flea markets in the Geneva region, read my post: Flea Markets, Brocantes, Trocs, Kids Items and Girly Clothing Sales in Geneva.

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