Training Sessions Begin for the Escalade and the Run of the Marmite in Geneva

GENEVA, Switzerland – Thinking of running l’Escalade the first weekend of December? Begin training now by participating in the eight free sessions offered by the city of Geneva.

This year, the annual race takes place on 5-6 December. To prepare, the city sponsors training sessions that begin eight weeks prior to the iconic Geneva race.

Trainings are supervised by the Stade Genève Team with assistance from Athletica and a private dietitian.

The various rendez-vous take place around the canton, in neighboring France and Nyon beginning Sunday 12 October at 10:00:

There is no need to register in advance. Remember, there are no changing rooms and a light snack and massages are offered to all participants. More info here.

What is the Escalade Race and the Run of the Marmite

The first weekend of December, Geneva hosts professional athletes and amateurs for a run across the Old Town and the city centre. (For those new to Geneva: although part of the same celebration, the Escalade run/race should not be confused with the weekend of “The Escalade” which is an affair remembering the defeat of the Savoy.)

During the two days, and in addition to a professional semi-marathon, the city hosts several other races: mixed levels, children races, women only, semi-professional.

On Saturday eve, the city goes wild during the Run or Course de la Marmite which is a fun, non-competitive costumed race open to all. All those who go through the finish line, receive an award.

Bring your disguise and your camera!

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