British man accused of fake credit card spree in Geneva

GENEVA, Switzerland – A 23-year-old British national was arrested on 3 February, after allegedly trying to use a fake credit card to purchase luxury items in Geneva.

According to authorities, the man, who had flown from London for the day for the sole purpose of purchasing expensive items, had six more fake credit cards (skimées) in his possession.

The suspect was arrested as he tried to purchase a CHF6,000 purse at the airport, and has been charged with fraud and computer fraud.

This is the third arrest at the airport in as many months.

In December, a Spanish national who lived in France was arrested after taking several cartons of cigarettes worth over CHF800. The young man was later deported back to Spain.

In January, a 62-year-old Italian man was detained after “mistakenly” taking a cell phone at the security check.

, on the southern banks of Lake Thun where the River Aare flows out of the lake, and with its views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, is almost as attractive as the architecture itself.

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