Fancy a Thanksgiving meal in Geneva? Here’s where!

GENEVA, Switzerland — Fancy a fancy Thanksgiving? Here’s where in Geneva in 2017.

I know the purist Thanksgivers out there will roll their eyes at me, but… if you decide to up your T’Day a notch, here’s a selection of  fancy sprouts, turkey carved to your table, braised cranberries, and the like:

  • Hotel d’Angleterre — this menu is straight out of Harry Potter, down to the entrance of this grand building.  Pumpkin will never taste the same after you try their pumpkin hazelnut cappuccino soup, or the pumpkin cheesecake. Yum.

  • Le Richemond — staying on the topic of fancy cappuccino, this hotel offers a butternut squash cappuccino with autumn pickled vegetables. For dessert? Pecan nut crunch. Mmm.

  • Crowne Plaza — this might fancy your belly more than your aesthetics, but with the promise of New England clam chowder and corn bread, you might be tempted to head towards the airport.

The price for these meals? CHF70 – CHF80 without drinks.

For this year, the Metropole, President Wilson, Kempinski, and Bristol are not doing the gobble.

Planing your Thanksgiving (or in my case, Friendsgiving) for today or the weekend? Read my previous post on where to find what you need for this holiday.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I thank you for your continued readership.
Photo, Max Straeten at Morgefile.

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  1. All About Geneva says:

    Any tips for Lausanne? 🙂


    1. Hi There… sorry I missed your note yesterday. I am afraid I did not do any digging, but good suggestion for a longer post next year. I hope your T’Day was (or is going to be) excellent!


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