Affordable youth summer camp in Ticino: learn Italian, practice sports

GENEVA – A week in the Ticino for only CHF250 including classes, guided activities, room and board? That is what Italiando offers to teens aged 14-17, who want to learn Italian, play sports and explore the sunniest canton in Switzerland.

Italiando is a one-week program which seeks to promote Italian (one of four Swiss national languages but one of the least spoken), among French-, Romansch- and German-speaking teens in Switzerland.

Camp consists of Italian lessons in the morning, and sports and outdoor activities in the afternoon. The cost per week is a mere CHF250 thanks to financing provided through a clever public partnership.

In 2014, Swiss Italian TV network, Radiotelevisione Svizzera,  produced a spoof DVD “qui si parla itaGliano”. The DVD was purchased en masse by Ticino residents raising over a quarter-million francs for the project. Migros and other partners, stepped in to fill in the financial blank.

Registration is now open for summer and fall courses — base camp is located in beautiful Bellinzona.

Ah… and if sun and activities were not enough, organizers say “kids are provided a Mediterranean diet”.  Mmm… Scusi! Ora devo andare a mangiare 🙂

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