Coronavirus pandemia: Geneva offers rent relief

Geneva, Switzerland – Rent is due yet many have no means to pay for it. Vulnerable  residents (including those who have lost their jobs or independent workers allowed to work who have been unable to generate income), and some small business owners affected by the coronavirus pandemic or related control measures, could benefit from rent relief.

A number of restaurateurs, beauty parlors and other small business owners could benefit from measures approved by the Federal Council. The Executive has extended the grace period for late rent payments from 30 to 90 days . The measure remains in effect until 31 May across Switzerland.

In addition, the Geneva tenant association Asloca, has successfully lobbied before the State Council to halt evictions.

Tenants and subtenants cannot be forced out of their residence if they default on rent payments.

In view of the situation, the State Council says police will no longer enforce previously mandated evictions.

It is recommended that you contact your reggie or landlord before skipping any payments.

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