WWF Wants Your Help to Stop Food Waste in Switzerland

MORGES, Switzerland – The Swiss chapter of the World Wildlife Fund is seeking signatures to stop food waste / food loss in Switzerland.

The online petition which is missing 4,000 signatures before it can submitted to federal authorities, seeks to reduce food production by 2025.

Food waste in Switzerland

The environmental organization based in canton Vaud, says two-thirds of potatoes in Switzerland or roughly 300,000 tons, are discarded or cannot be used; an additional 40% of vegetables go to waste as well as one fifth of all of the meat produced in the country.

According to the European Commission, food is wasted throughout the whole food chain – from farmers to consumers – and for various reasons.

And while there is a large waste of food in Europe, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, estimates that more than 800 million people are undernourished.

The petition can be found online at: https://foodwaste.wwf.ch/fr, and check out the publicity campaign:

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